Insure your car, moped, caravan, quad, motorcycle, light transport vehicle or boat? We insure every vehicle against any risk.


Whether you opt for a compulsory third-party liability insurance or a fully comprehensive insurance with all the trimmings, or something in between? The choice is yours.


Are you driving on a public road with a motorcycle? Then take out the statutory third-party insurance, optionally expandable to comprehensive insurance, legal assistance and / or vehicle assistance.


Insure your class A and class B moped. You can take out the compulsory insurance only or opt for extras and enjoy extensive protection.


Whether you own an electric bike or mountain bike, this bicycle insurance covers your new two-wheeler worldwide against theft and damage.


We offer a worry-free life with the right home insurance policies, to both tenants and landlords.


Fire insurance or home insurance protects you against the financial risks in the event of damage to your home and household effects. Our home insurance policy covers much more than just fire damage.

Payment Protection Insurance

Your loved ones will have no need to worry about making the payments of your credit facility after your death. Thanks to the Payment Protection Insurance, KBC will pay back some or all of the outstanding debt.


Protect yourself and your family against the financial consequences of everyday risks. Discover our full range of insurance products here.

Personal Liability Insurance

Are you or a family member responsible for damage due to error or negligence to someone who can claim compensation? Personal Liability Insurance will protect you and your family, making it an indispensable part of anyone’s insurance portfolio.


Travel insurance covers damage while traveling: has your luggage been stolen or do you require hospital admission? Don't worry about the financial consequences.


A personal accident insurance covers yourself, your partner and your children (including their playmates up to the age of 14) against the financial consequences of an accident.


Our hospital insurance ensures generous refunds of hospital costs, on top of the basic reimbursements of the statutory health insurance. The cover will take effect immediately.


A sudden death due to an illness or accident has many consequences, including a potential financial impact. You can avoid this extra burden on your family or loved ones.


If something happens unexpectedly, an amount is already set aside for financing the funeral. Your next of kin do not need to have recourse to their inheritance to cover the funeral costs.